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MotoStar Shop, to maintain and strengthen its position as a solution center / brand, which has been rightfully achieved with the efforts made in the Marmara region market since 2016; In the future, service quality in Türkiye and world markets,  To make ABB a sought-after company with its solution partnership and production with Gewiss. MotoStar Shop ; It has become one of the most preferred companies in its sector over the years, thanks to its strong connections and distributorships with the best brands of the world and Turkey.

MotoStar Shop offers the electrical materials and lighting fixtures preferred in the sector to its customers using modern marketing elements. MotoStar Shop serves its customers through two sales channels: wholesale and online. Wholesale sales service is provided from our Headquarters in Avcılar, Istanbul, through our experienced sales and marketing team, and online sales service is provided to all of Turkey and our customers through the website



MotoStar Shop, to maintain and strengthen its position as a solution center / brand, which has been rightfully achieved with the efforts made in the Marmara region market since 2010; In the future, to make it a sought-after company in Turkey and the world markets with its service quality, solution partnerships and productions with Legrand, Viko, Siemens, ABB, Gewiss.


To ensure continuous customer satisfaction, to provide service at a higher level than customer expectations,
To keep quality awareness in service and product at the highest level,
By closely following technological developments and ensuring that the infrastructure and employees adapt to these developments,
Working professionally with a dynamic structure that constantly improves team spirit, being a safe, peaceful, democratic, law-abiding business, always treating customers, employees and suppliers honestly, being aware of social responsibilities, taking part in social projects for a modern society, protecting the environment and nature. To be in favor of renewable energy sources.


MotoStar Shop prioritizes quality in products and services in order to maintain customer satisfaction. It has built its in-company organization on continuous development and continuous training. For this reason, it obliges itself to follow scientific and technological developments closely.

Our quality; We make it a principle to continue working life for a long time with our Partner Solution partners, taking into account certain criteria. We try to ensure that the companies we cooperate with are authorized with ISO9001 (Quality Management System), ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System) and OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety Management System) certificates.


MotoStar Shop, the quality of products and services; believes that it depends on the quality of its employees. All employees, from the highest level to the lowest level within the team, understand the importance of team mentality. In addition to the professional training and development of its employees, it supports participation in social events by sponsoring social, cultural and artistic organizations.


Sustainable development and the use of renewable energy resources are indispensable priorities for MotoStar Shop. It is obliged to do its part to protect environmental values, nature and to transfer the living resources we have to future generations. It uses internationally quality approved products that do not harm the nature.

With its expert staff experienced in its fields of activity, MotoStar Shop closely follows technological developments. It contributes to our country's economy by providing employment to employees through its work, its ever-growing import and export volume and its increasing capital.